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Gyokku Ninjutsu training for teens - how young people can train to be ninja...

"Master, what Gyokku ninjutsu training should a person who is young, or who has not trained before, start with if he wants to be ninja - wat would be the best training for young people or teens?"

Daichi Kawabata - real life gyokku ninja master

There are a lot of techniques illustrated in the online training section of this site, and anyone who wishes to be ninja should dedicate themselves to mastering them all.

To master a technique, you should execute it in practice at least a thousand times.

...Besides that, it is important to build up the basics...

Basic Striking

Do knuckle pushups to strengthen your wrists. Working on building power in strikes against a bag or a pad is also highly recommended. If one can have a bag up all the time and practice on it regularly, this is the best way to increase striking power.

Kicks are recommended for young people, as the joints of the leg don't take damage easily in thrusting kicks. Start out with the Ka Geri and Mawashi Geri. Get used to the motions of attacking, and, over time, safely, build up striking power.


ninja training for teens and young people


Ninja Yawara Kongou Vajra

Sword Training

The sword is excellent training at basic cutting and thrusting - please note that for young teens, this practice MUST BE DONE UNDER ADULT SUPERVISION. We use bundles of straw for cutting practice in the dojo, but you can use anything that you like with reasonable resistance.

Get plenty of practice at cutting and thrusting until the technique for basic cuts and thrusts is virtually instinctive. More detailed training can come later - for now, the sword must become as instinctive a part of your body as your own hands. Of course, I trust you to take care of safety.


Gyokku Ninja child in Training


Gun use

Again, for teens, this is something that must be done under adult supervision. Very young teens can start out with air guns and progress from there. Focus on stable, long range rifle shooting, short range pistol shooting with the hand at the side and then raised to point at the target and snap-shoot with a minimum of aiming time.

PLENTY of practice at this. Different positions. Rise from a crouch and shoot. Drop to a crouch and shoot. Drop to a crouch and roll several times sideways, and shoot.

Moving targets, at some point, if you can work a system for that. Take care that training is safe. Take good care of your firearms and learn to maintain them correctly.

Ninja Yawara Kongou Vajra

Bow use

The bow is an integral part of Gyokku Ninjutsu training. Get yourself a reasonable bow. A powerful recurve bow is a good start - over time, you can progress to a compound bow. Put in lots of practice, and learn to use as well as to maintain your bows correctly.

The bow has advantages in stealth that the gun does not. Practice long range shooting with good accuracy. Explore the maximum of your ability and beyond, and have fun doing it. At some point, there should be moving targets, IF it can be arranged. PLENTY of practice, of course.

Ninja Yawara Kongou Vajra

Basic Knife Fighting

Start out with the basics shown in the video below. Use some soft foam swords, or make your own with any reasonable synthetic foam you can buy. Remember, though you are using swords, what you're doing is KNIFE fighting - with two foot long knives! Any simple thing you make should be fine - just make sure that it cannot hurt anyone training with it under any circumstances.

Protective gear for the eyes will be necessary, as even these foam swords could hurt the eyes if they are unprotected. Even a really strong pair of wrap-arounds would do, so long as you can be sure they won't shatter. We use something like that for this exercise.

I don't have to tell you to build up capability gradually - I trust you to do that. Build up confidence and combat reflexes - this will come by simply doing a lot of this simulated knife combat. Be careful that you don't twist your knees awkwardly in the initial stages when your footwork isn't too good.


Once you master basic knife fighting, you can progress to battle-meditations - the battle-meditations put combat into another league altogether, giving one virtually superhuman reflexes.

Ninja Yawara Kongou Vajra

Wilderness survival training and stealth

This can be basic at this point - teens doing this sort of training should try to arrange to be ACCOMPANIED BY A RESPONSIBLE ADULT). Learn to move silently without leaving a trace of your passing, learn to climb trees and hide among the branches. Keep it fun, but keep adding skills to your repertoire.

Ninja Yawara Kongou Vajra

Ninja Dojo Tower Ninja creative arts calligraphy art

Intellectual and artistic training

Intellectual and artistic training, if the student has any potential for it, creates a highly balanced, thinking warrior. Such a warrior is ten times more effective in the long run. If you have any aptitude for any art or any science - it can be anything - wood working, electronics, sketching, reading, anything, work at it, have fun doing it, and make friends who share your hobbies. Exercising the mind maximizes its ability to adapt and learn.


Everything I've outlined doesn't have to be done at once - you can pace things as you think fit. Above all, keep things fun. We never oppress junior members of the clan with training - rather, training is a set of wonderful games that keep getting more interesting and more challenging as the years pass.

Co-operative training

If you train with friends who also wish to be ninja, please remember that training in the Gyokku Clan is co-operative, not competitive. Clan members are encouraged to help one another. If one clan member is weak in some area, other ninja help him or her until he or she is as strong as the others. This is done in a spirit of utter brotherhood. Intense training with utter brotherhood - this is the way of the ninja. After some time training this way, arguments or disagreements among your ninja section will simply vanish.

Ninja Yawara Kongou Vajra



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