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These are the terms and conditions by which you may use (hereinafter 'site'). By browsing the site, or by using the site or its systems in any way (hereinafter 'using the site'), you thereby agree to abide by the terms and conditions elucidated below, and to not hold the owners, administrators or moderators (hereinafter 'the administration') liable in any way for any actions they may take in setting up, administering or enforcing these rules, or in any action they may take in creating or running the site.



The word Gyokku� is the registered trademark of the Gyokku Ninja Clan. All rights reserved.



Copyright � 2015 Jonin, Gyokku Ninja Clan. All materials (herinafter 'materials') in this site (including but not limited to css and html code, text, video files and movie files (whether held on-site or streamed), images, individual frames, photographs and speech) created by the masters and students of the gyokku ninja clan (herinafter 'the creators') are owned under sole copyright by the Jonin, Gyokku Ninja Clan (herinafter 'jonin'). This includes materials created personally by the jonin.

All rights are reserved. These materials are NOT in the public domain. A user may view the photographs and movies on this site, and read the tutorials (hereinafter 'acceptable use'). Copying or replication of the materials in any way is not allowed. 'Hotlinking' to the materials is not allowed. Any use of these materials other than the 'acceptable use' outlined above is expressly prohibited without the prior written permission of the Jonin. You may not adapt, edit, change, transform, publish, republish, distribute, redistribute, broadcast, rebroadcast, copy, upload, download, or use these materials in any way other than as expressly delineated above as 'acceptable use'.

If you wish to make any other use of the materials, or host them on your site, or distribute them in any way, or make any other use of the materials, except as specified as 'acceptable use', you must do so with the prior written permission of the jonin. You may contact the jonin through the 'contact us' page and form on



By viewing this site, or using the materials therein in any way, the viewer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless from all liability and responsibility the jonin and the creators, as well as all those in any way connected with the creation of this site and the materials, as well as the company and commercial entities hosting the domain name and space. This release from all liability shall include, but not be limited to, losses caused by accident or injury, or by physical or psychological pain or damage, in the event that the viewer or any third party is injured in any way during the performance or execution of techniques or instruction provided on this site, or within the materials therein.

Should the viewer make any use of this site, or the materials therin, to effect loss, injury or any sort of damage whatsoever (herinafter 'damage') to a third party, the viewer agrees that all liability and responsibility for such damage to the said third party shall be the viewer's alone, and that the viewer agrees to legally assume all liability and responsibility for such, and that the creators, jonin and host shall be held to be free from all liability and responsibility for such.

The user, by using the site, does thereby agree that neither the administration nor any user of the site may be held liable in any way for any posting, opinion, help or advice upon it, nor for the results of a user following the said opinions and advice. These are personal opinions, nothing more, and must be taken as such. By using the site, you thereby allow and agree with the site's and administration's policy of information gathering and cookie management, and do thereby also agree that the administration have the right to edit, delete or move posts as they see fit, or ban a user at their sole discretion and that no liability of any sort will attach to these actions, or to any action that we undertake in the creation, management and administration of this site, its systems and sub-systems. In the event that the site is hacked, you also agree by using this site that no liability of any sort shall there by attach to the administration.



This site and the materials therein were created purely for educational purposes. You are advised to consult your physician before beginning any strenuous training. In engaging in this course of training, or practicing these techniques, or using the materials on this site in any way whatsoever, you do so entirely at your own risk.


This set of rules may continue to evolve as the site travels through time. If you have any objection to any of these rules, let us know and we will take your point of view into consideration. However, the final decision on this or any other question that arises in the creation, management or administration of the site devolves solely with the administration.


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