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What is elite ninja combat training like in the Gyokku Ninja Clan?

"I did army combatives for 7 years; judo, jujitsu, and some muay thai, so I'm interested in how elite ninja train and operate - I'm interested in the Gyokku Ninja Clan and have been trying to dedicate myself to ninjutsu combat training from now on."

Kouhei Tsukuda - Gyokku Ninja Master of Concealed Weapons

I deeply approve of your choice of combat arts - judo, jujitsu and muay thai are almost the perfect combination for hand to hand combat specialization. I have never understood how people think that learning only a striking or only a grappling art is sufficient, when it so obviously leaves a gap in your offense and defense against a highly trained attacker.

These days I find more and more people, like you, learning multiple arts that cover both kickboxing and grappling - I like this VERY much. This is truly a high level of combat training.

Ninja Yawara Kongou Vajra

A combat system based in reality

The Gyokku Clan trains elite ninja in a way that is less 'martial art' and more 'special-forces training'.


the gyokku ninja clan's approach to elite combat training


The reason our training has an emphasis on modern battle-effective methods is quite interesting. In the last century, the Gyokku Ninja Clan engaged in ruthless jungle fighting in South Asia in WWII - we suffered immense casualties, but as many of our ninja were lost to the extremely hostile jungle environment as to enemy action. All in all, the clan exacted very many more enemy casualties than our own losses.

Nevertheless, our numbers were horrifically reduced, which actually led to us opening the clan to the asian nations - there were, quite simply, not enough japanese members left when the last ittohei had returned.

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The Clan's experiences in WWII
led to a massive modernization of clan combat training.

After WWII, we were not an archaic martial tradition - after WWII, we were an iron-willed organization of combat veterans, each of whom had killed perhaps 30 or 40 enemy operatives in combat. An organization run by proven combat veterans is completely different from an organization run by untried theoretical masters.

For one thing, since then, the clan continuously reacts to and upgrades its methodology - as an example, one course taken by master level is electronic counter-surveillance techniques. Another course is jungle survival (you can see the veteran influence here), where an operative is expected to survive a jungle environment for a certain period of time armed only with a knife and fire-maker. It's actually not that hard, once you know how - the jungle can be a friend to one who knows it.

Ninja Yawara Kongou Vajra



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Ninja Yawara Kongou Vajra


Ninja Yawara Kongou Vajra

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