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Gyokku Ninja techniques for retaining Youth and near Immortality

"I have seen, in my masters, that great ninja seem to know techniques to achieve a sort of immortality, retaining their youth well into what the outside world considers middle age. I would love the benefits of a young agile well developed body for an older man since I'm getting up in age. How do I achieve this?"

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Since you touched upon youth, this is all that is needed to maintain it…

A minimum of 3 hours of intense aerobic training (this means intense martial arts practice) and one hour of intense weight training per week.

Complete abstinence from smoking, drugs and alcohol.

Food must be simple, containing few highly processed foods. Eat to fuel your body, not for pleasure. Try not to consider food one of the pleasures of life – there are other pleasures, such as creativity, good conversation, and sex. Indulge in these.

Regular sex also enables one to stay young.

Ninja techniques to remain young and gain immortality

Finally, the most crucial hint…

Train with people in their late teens or early twenties, not with people of your own age. And train to be better than them. If you train with people of your own age, you will all grow old together. If there is a group of friends of your age, and you all want to adopt this regime, then your entire group must train with a group of young people who greatly outnumber you.

Ninja Yawara Kongou Vajra

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Other important ninja techniques for extended youth

The training hours I have mentioned are the bare minimum - if you're doing more than that, I have no objections, of course, but even a person who does the minimum that I have specified without making any concessions can maintain youth indefinitely.

Try to avoid the use of concentrated protein in training, as this places a long-term strain on the kidneys and liver. This means that weights you lift in strength training should be limited to levels that you can lift 'naturally' that is to say, without concentrated protein. Natural protein from food is fine.

Please note that this advice is for those who want to maintain strength and youth long-term, in the near-immortality of a ninja master, rather than for the short term. In the short term, protein concentrates and heavy training based on them make more sense, but one pays a price for this in organ failure later in life.


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Regarding addictions. We are not 'moralists'. The only objection that we have to addictions is that anything that causes a 'high' is actually destroying the brain. In the long term, we believe that addictions cause senility, Alzheimer’s and other mental issues later in life. Since we train to be semi-immortal, there's no sense in having a young body near to 60, and having a failing mind. So we avoid addictions.

Ninja Kuji Kuri Nagamaki

A final hint…

The best way to train well for a long life and good health is to 'think spartan'.

Remember the spartan ethic of 'warrior simplicity' - it is the best possible ethic for a warrior to have. Go for simple food - take pride in not needing heavy, oily 'fat men's' food.

Go for intensity in training. Think 'warrior', not 'soft, weak, civilized man' and you will BE a warrior, and your body and mind will serve you well in the course of a long life.


Ninja Yawara Kongou Vajra



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