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Gyokku Ninjutsu philosophy that teaches one how to be Happy

"Master, does the Gyokku Clan have any ninjutsu philosophy or teaching that can show one how to be happy?"

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One should not ‘actively’ seek happiness, honorable deshi.

Gyokku ninjutsu philosophy teaches that if one searches for happiness, one never finds it, and one becomes fixated upon this goal, always thinking about it – about what one need to be happy, about why one is not happy, and so on, and so one makes oneself miserable. In focusing upon one single point, one interrupts the great flow of life...

ninjutsu philosophy - how to be happy


...Instead of seeking after happiness, or thinking about 'how to be happy', one focuses on several other things...

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The first thing that one must focus on
is creativity and personal growth.

One focuses on growing, and increasing one’s capabilities – the potential of the human mind is infinite, yet few humans ever seek to explore that potential. But if one does, then the cosmos opens itself to one. Do not limit yourself by a single range of interests – do not say, for example, 'My main interest is art'.

Instead, say, 'I am interested in everything, from art to science to literature to music – all things, from the littlest flower to the most distant star – all is of interest to me.'

And this is the first step to leading a truly rewarding life.


The second step is to choose your companions wisely.

It is good to have friends around you – but preferably those who not only understand one's mind and motivations, but who have a similar desire to grow, and create and do – only these should be allowed close to one. And one should keep such friendships, such companionships all one’s life long.

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And from these two things – from infinite personal growth, from infinite creativity, and from the companionships of those whose minds and hearts and souls are TRULY in harmony with oneself, from this, in its own time, and in its own way, without unnecessary haste and without unnecessary delay – comes happiness, fulfilment, contentment, and peace.

Humans pursue ‘goals’...
...They want ‘success’, ‘romance’, ‘happiness’, ‘peace’.

Yet these goals are NOT of themselves happiness, nor does happiness grow from them!
These things are seldom within the reach of the pursuers, because the pursuers are NOT worthy of them.


So, my Deshi, the goal of life is to grow, and grow infinitely.

And as one grows, and as one gains companions who are as vast intelligences as oneself,
the whole universe itself comes within reach.

ninjutsu philosophy - secret of how to attain happiness



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