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Masters of the Gyokku Ninja Clan discourse upon
freedom, governments, and oppression..

"Masters of the Gyokku Ninja Clan, I feel that governments and large corporations limit my freedom, and hold me almost as a slave through money. I feel useless and I feel I will never reach my full potential, and that I am subjected to poisons that affect the mind and body."

Daichi Kawabata - real life gyokku ninja master

Firstly, honored shinobi,
I must say I am VERY impressed at the depth of your thinking,
and your great insight.

ninja philosophy - governments and oppression gyokku master teaches ninja philosophy

Not many people realize that money is in many ways the antithesis of freedom, and a subtle tool of government oppression - it is used to keep humanity enslaved and chained. The problem with today's world is that people are caged, and do not even see that they are caged. There are more things than money that cage people, my brother - even the system of education prepares children for 'life in the cage'.

The masters of the Gyokku Ninja Clan
are attempting to break this system for all its dedicated members.

This is how we are doing it. We have old clan dojo all over Asia - we are going to sell all these properties, and with the money from this, build a massive dojo-fortress-training-area on a mountain that the clan owns. This mountain will have everything a person could need - living areas, farms for food, workshops and forges, training areas, art studios, science laboratories, astronomical observatories, everything.

This mountain is located on the edge of thousands of miles of wilderness reserves, so we have untouched nature right next door. Besides this, the ocean is not far away either. So you see, it is the kind of location where a person can accomplish anything.

Anyway, the plan is that once this is built, we shall make it a law of the Gyokku Ninja Clan that any clan member may come to this mountain and live here for free, and in perfect freedom - no matter what his or her interest, the clan will provide for the ninja.

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We want people perfectly free to explore their interests.

If a person wants to be a warrior, they can be a warrior. If they want to be an artist, the clan has many great artists who can help them - if their interest is science, the clan has many great scientists. If they would like to explore the wilderness, the clan will help them do this. Whatever a person wants, together, the clan will try to provide it.

Food for our people will come from our own extensive fields; power from our own solar-turbine power plans; water from our own rainwater harvesting systems - the running cost of our system is extremely low.

ninja philosophy - building a better world


What is our goal?
The goal is to ensure that all ninja are
TOTALLY free to be ANYTHING that they want to be.

We are creating a system that functions internally without money.
Externally, the money from the sales of all our property across asia will provide investment capital that will allow us to buy anything that we need from the outside. Food and the basic necessities, we create ourselves.

A better world is possible - but it will not be built if one never moves beyond the old one.

Ninja Yawara Kongou Vajra



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Ninja Yawara Kongou Vajra


Ninja Yawara Kongou Vajra

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