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Regarding the goals of the Gyokku Ninja Clan,
I will start with the most important point. Freedom.

To start with, we bring up our children to be free. TOTALLY free, my friends. A child is never shouted at, and even education is always, ALWAYS made fun. This is an iron law. It is not permitted in the clan to force anything, even education, on a child. Just because a child is a child does not mean that it must not be respected as a free human being. A human being is free from the moment it is born, and must never be chained.

ninja philosophy - goals of the ninja clan


So, if adults wish to educate children, it is their duty to make education so interesting that a child loves to engage in it. And so on. I have used education of children as an example of how much freedom is valued in the Clan.

We have special schools for our children where only instruction through games and enjoyable activities is allowed. Even if we want to teach a child the basics of quantum physics, we will turn it into a game. This is an inviolable law in the clan - anything created to educate a child MUST be fun.

Fun is the basis of all progress :) This is something the rest of the human race never learned, by the way :)

Ninja Yawara Kongou Vajra

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Know that your entire Civilization... based upon the many being manipulated and controlled by a powerful few!

ninja master teaches secret philosophy aims of the ninja clan

It is true, my friends, that we of the Clan hold to a pattern of life that is now thousands of years old. We have been watching the growth of civilization itself, and we realize that it is set up so that a great many are manipulated by a very few. The ninja, at the very core of our Way, value one thing above all else - Freedom. And among all the freedoms, we value the freedom to grow, most of all. We believe it to be the intrinsic right of every human being to be allowed to grow infinitely, mind, body and spirit, in every direction that appeals to each person - for each person is unique.

Ninja Yawara Kongou Vajra

The basis of true freedom

I will tell you a great secret, honorable Deshi. Freedom is not possible without two things. The first is great knowledge. And the second is great brotherhood. In the clan we have found that if we have great knowledge - of science, of art, of literature, of history, of everything, we can defend our freedoms against a whole planet, if need be. And we have found that if we have such perfect brotherhood and loyalty to each other that we can always trust each other completely, then that too is a shield against those on the planet who would try to steal our freedom.

The Gyokku Ninja live in communities. One of the goals of the Gyokku Ninja Clan is the service of the human race, so we keep upgrading our science. At this moment ninja of the clan are studying genetics, electronics, programming, mechanical engineering, and much more. One of our plans is to set up a genetics laboratory to save the genetic material of endangered species, so that if they become extinct, we can clone them and bring them back. Another thing that we want to build is a building held up by energy patterns rather than by physical force. If such a building is successfully built, it will one day be possible to build buildings so tall that they reach into space.

Ninja Yawara Kongou Vajra

Basically, the human race wastes its resources

They maintain armies, for example, the most useless invention in the universe. The ninja are... different from humanity. We are an ancient people, and we have been watching the human race for thousands of years. We see many things that humanity is doing wrong. Humans are not in balance with the planet. We do not interfere, but we hope to help, in small ways, as much as we can.

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A new international temple-dojo for international students of the Gyokku Ninja Clan

One interesting development is a new training temple that the clan is making on a mountain in Asia where our brothers and sisters from around the world (only those who are truly in harmony with us in mind and heart, of course) can come and live for free, and be shielded from the world. This is taking immense efforts because at the moment we have limited funding. All the ninja here in Asia are working to make this dream a reality.

One day, honorable deshi, this mountain-fortress could be a place of refuge for enlightened minds from around the world. We of the Gyokku have NEVER looked upon the world as classified into 'races' or 'nations'. To us the whole world is 'human' and the whole world deserves to be free. This is what we work for together, my brother.

real ninja dojo in asia


There is just one thing that may not suit everyone, my brother. And this is that we have a very 'spartan' society. This means that we are a simple people. We do not drink or do drugs, not because we are very moral, but because this would be a bad example for children, and our children are our future, and must be protected with our minds and hearts. We clothe ourselves simply. We spend our time in three things - in self improvement (learning more about whatever interests us), in training at the warrior arts to keep our minds and bodies tuned to perfection, and in the simple pursuits of agriculture to ensure that everyone has enough food.

Our Dojo has many great ninja masters - not only warriors, but artists and scientists, my brother, and many great teachers. We are one of the truly great cultures of the world.

Ninja Yawara Kongou Vajra



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