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Gyokku Ninja Masters offer training in controlling one's Anger

"Masters of the Gyokku Ninja Clan, could you give me training in controlling anger?
I find myself unable to control myself
when someone shouts at me aggressively without reason.
How should I deal with this?"

Daichi Kawabata - real life gyokku ninja master         Kamiko Kimura - ninjutsu meditation specialist, ninja mind control, ninja covert stealth operations, ninja sniper

There are two answers to this question, Deshi. Each master will give you their method.

Ninja Scroll Kanji-1 Ninja Scroll Kanji-1

...Daichi Kawabata says...

Young Deshi, the way to control anger is to be strong.

Train hard, engage in training combats with fellow ninja, increase your power using strength training, and by hitting and kicking a makiwara or heavy punching bag. Also train with weapons, especially concealed weapons that you can carry on the street.

Become a great warrior.

You will find, as many ninja masters of the Gyokku have before you, that when you are all-powerful, controlling one’s anger is much easier. When you hold another person’s very life in your hands, you will find that you can ignore the mere words that he uses to make you angry.

ninja philosophy - controlling anger


At one time in my life, there was a man yelling in my face. He shouted at me, he abused me. I answered calmly. The reason I could be so calm was that in a bag in my hands I was carrying a deadly war-hammer. I could have killed him at any time.

Holding his very life in my hands,
I could forgive his anger, be calm, even smile at him.

And he knew it. When I left him, he was shivering, even though I had shown no anger, nor made a single hostile move, nor spoken a single hostile word.

Ninja Yawara Kongou Vajra

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Ninja Clan Seal Ninja Clan Seal

...Kamiko Kimura says...

Greetings, honored Deshi! The Way to controlling anger is very direct, though not easy to achieve. Achieve enlightenment. Once you are enlightened, you will know what is to be done in all situations.

How does one achieve enlightenment?

It is also simple. One must purify the body and spirit through intense training and meditation.

Indeed, in the Way of the Ninja, our training IS our purification. By mental and physical discipline, by cultivating our ability to push forward despite difficulty, by cultivating our will, and by bearing with patience the pain of the training, our spirit is purified.

ninja philosophy - see beyond maya to enlightenment


Ultimately, one's level of spiritual purification
becomes so great that one can see beyond maya.

You are immersed in maya, young one. You are pulled in different directions by emotions, by ambitions. For you, in this state, there are no answers and no peace.

Train. Experience discipline, will, pain. Purify your spirit. Achieve enlightenment.

Then all the answers you need will be given to you by the universe itself.

Ninja Yawara Kongou Vajra



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