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Ancient Scrolls of the Ninja ELECTRONICS:

Ninja Electronics

The ninja also use electronics to enhance their effectiveness in combat. This use of electronics commences with simple weaponry, such as powerful tasers.

But advanced ninja techniques involve learning to build and use far more sophisticated tools, including surveillance equipment, photo-amplifiers, tracking devices, and much more.

Ancient Scrolls of the Ninja EXPLOSIVES:

The ninja were among the earliest to use explosive devices in combat. The use of explosives includes not only grenades, but also traps and explosive-tipped arrows and crossbow bolts. The bow is a powerful tool, because it can launch explosive or thermite tipped warheads silently, and at extreme range. At night, it allows a ninja to remain concealed while directing explosive, concussive or thermite attacks over a considerable area.

Such tools have been part of the ninja's arsenal for centuries, much like the self-propelled device shown below...

Ninja Fire Weapon

Also covered in the ninja’s training in explosives is the creation of smoke bombs. These devices are so powerful that they can actually delude onlookers into thinking that a building is on fire – as such they are a powerful tool for distraction and disruption, as well as an escape device.

Ancient Scrolls of the Ninja STEALTH:

It goes without saying that stealth is an important aspect of Ninjutsu training.

Ninja train in stealth – often against each other – in different environments, using different forms of camouflage, and other gear designed to enable them to merge with each environment.

Ninja techniques of camouflage are especially thorough – often, a ninja will be equipped with several different types of camouflage (usually in the form of camouflaged cloaks) for a single training session.


Ninja Stealth Training in Mountains


Besides this, the ninja also learns to avoid the use of simple devices such as cell-phones, that can be used to electronically track the location of a user.

Yet the Way of the Ninja is far more than solely an art of war.

Another aspect of the ninja is exceptional fitness - the ninja are extremely long-lived, retaining youth and fitness to an advanced age. To learn of the training and knowledge behind the exceptional fitness, health and longevity of the ninja, go on to the next page...



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